Sculptures belongs to prehistoric times and it’s the art of representing beauty in a bodily form, figurines of characters, animals, and other objects from different materials such as stone, wood, bronze, ivory, clay, it may represent real characters or things that exist in nature or are the creation and imagination of the artist.

Sculpture therefore depicts the beauty of the corporeal world by imitating in a solid substance these bodies in their entirety. Inasmuch as a sculpture represents bodies in their actual form and contours therefore the statue is a monument, in which the characteristic traits of a personality are perpetuated with artistic charm.

According to the material used and the methods of treatment, sculptures are divided into several categories, stone sculpture, which is mainly made of marble, wood sculpture and wood carving which mainly developed in the middle ages, metal sculpture, ivory sculptures and clay sculptures in which the figure is molded in a soft substance, and afterwards hardens by drying or firing.

Therefore sculptures are symbolic monuments of an ancient character, whether it’s religious, symbolizing the faith of different religions, or non-religious symbolizing an ancient character. Beyond every statue stands a story, or an incident that took place in ancient times, but whatever a statue stands for or symbolizes, the carving on wood or stone, clay and metal-formed statues is a state-of-art.

Hand carvings of figurines are the outcome of creative, talented and artistic craftsmanship depicting the cultures and religions of different nations in a beautiful artistic manner.

The purpose of this site is to introduce olive wood carvings of Christian sculptures and other religious products made in Bethlehem in the Holy land, but it is convenient and essential to introduce Christian products from other parts of the world and also to other non-christian handcrafts as they were all influenced by the developments of Christian art over the centuries.