Jewelry Boxes

Decorative Jewelry boxes… made for YOU…

Wood carving is an important and highly developed branch since it was refined for generations, and important because it brings artistic ornamentation beyond ritual and luxury items and brings it into every day life and household objects, as well as religious architecture were made out of wood, and most of these items were embroidered with wood carved designs. The ornamentation was applied to well-designed and decorative wooden items.
As with all art, the decorative patterns used had a deep symbolic meaning, This tradition has passed from generation to generation. Wood carving was popular throughout the nations, some regions were more famous for the beauty and sophistication of their wood work.

Here you are introduced to a beautiful wood carving product-creative wooden jewelry boxes made by talented craftsmen, with brass wires beautifully inlaid with an cultural finish. Beautiful decorative pieces of work for your dressing table or in your sitting room, adding a beautiful oriental taste to your home.